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Extract / demonstration of the kit

The product Tips 3D FDM © consists of eight educational boards presenting an aspect of this 3D printing technology. For you to better understand, we present a extract from the kit with board n°4, which deals with the subject of print media.

Sans titre.png

The board features four mascots illustrating the issues oflayer sagging due to too great an overhang angle. We see howadding support solves this problem, but also theboundariesbrackets. 

All the detailed explanations on this board are available in thetrainer's guide, an extract of which is available below (see from page 5). Excerpts from other sections are also provided in this demonstration booklet.

Finally, on the back of each plate is presented aQR-CODE. It leads to aboard explanation video, which will reactivate the knowledge learned with the teacher, or even allow independent learning for the most seasoned students.

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